Sona Ghaem, born in 1976 in Tehran, Iran, is one of the talented self-educated artists of Iran. She began her career during early 1990s and she learned her special skills in proximity of some of the most famous painting artists of Iran.

As a result, her works have always been influenced by painting. Sona has created her vision to combine the art of painting with fabrics and textile constructions. She is an innovator in her career, specifically in creation of original (natural) dyed and painted fabrics which has been brought up by her. She exploits design techniques in the textiles to form a fabric with structured pattern, vivid beauty, and wide-ranging variation.

She also masters and conducts some workshops in educational institutions in the realm of design and textile manufacture along the artistic inspiration. Living in Iran, Tehran, with her husband and their two teenagers, Sona works in her studio, located in their family house, in its cozy and warm space. Although a part of her heart resides in art, she is a very dedicated housewife as well. She has a strong and high opinion about family and its value in their personal life. The footprints of these aspects of her personal life are easily detectible in her works.

She thinks of each piece of her work as a small world where she can declare the laws of nature.

Her mysterious relationship with fabric began when she started to collect old handwoven textiles. This was an essential and effective step for her as the observation has always been an important learning tool for her. She has learned the techniques of professional sewing, carefully and creatively ,with hard work and professional assistance.

She uses her own personally collected visual vocabulary to weave her work, to create patterns and layers of meaning. She revels in the simple act of placing one fabric next to another and it has always been the trigger point of creativity for her.